Bulk allows users to request and download large amounts of data quickly and easily, without having to submit a formal request for data.

Once logged in a user may create a request by clicking on the appropriate button then filling out the request form.

The form fields are as follows:

Request Name: This field allows a user to enter a name for the request. Can be anything the user likes.

Description: This should be a simple description of the project the data will be used for and why you need the data.

Area: This allows the user to select the required main area for the request. Can also be selected from the map.

Sensor: Allows the user to select the desired sensor

Sub Area(S, N, W, E): An optinal field that allows the user to specify a sub area of the main area. This can be changed using the sub area field on the map, or by manually typing comma-separated values in the order: South, North, West, East

Product: This is currently limited to "All products", but will allow users to request specific products (such as SST or Chlor_a) and have them extracted before download.

Temporal: This allows the user to select the required time period of the files. 0d will be non-composited swaths, 1d and above will be composited files for the selected time period

Format: The desired format for the selected data, this is currently limited to netCDF

Start Date: The first date of the data the user desires

End Date: The last date of the data the user desires

Bellow these options is the area map, by clicking on the Sub Area icon the user can manually select a sub area within the desired main area, click on the square again to remove the sub-area. The user can also click a location on the map and see a list of colour coded areas that have that point within them. This allows the quick searching of an area with the data they require.