Photo of Lauren Biermann

Dr Lauren Biermann

Research Scientist


Research scientist


Lauren has degrees in Ichthyology, Molecular Biology, and Marine Biology, but discovered marine remote sensing during her PhD and hasn’t looked back. After working for the UK government as a senior earth observation scientist for a few years, she joined the Plymouth Marine Laboratory team. Her research interests are now focused around detecting floating debris including plastics from Sentinel-2, and using Sentinel-1 SAR for vessel detection. Recently, Lauren has joined the EUMETSAT project, where she is helping to train a new generation of scientists to use data collected by the Sentinel-3 sensors.

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Prof Steve Groom

Head of Service
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Dr Dan Clewley

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William Jay

Research Scientist
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Dr Angus Laurenson

Scientific Python developer
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Aser Mata

Research Scientist
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Dr Peter Miller

Senior Research Scientist
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Dr David Moffat

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Data Scientist
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Silvia Pardo

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Dr Nick Selmes

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Emma Sullivan

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Peter Walker

Research Software Engineer
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Dr Mark Warren

Research Software Engineer
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Emily Widdecombe

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