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Any scientist or research group whose work is either supported by NERC, or is eligible for a NERC research grant or training award, may apply to NEODAAS for data processing services. To ensure cost effective use of the limited resources available, all applications for data processing are peer-reviewed and graded using procedures and criteria that are consistent with those used elsewhere in NERC. The highest quality proposals are given the highest priority, with those less highly graded being accommodated where possible. It should also be noted that for commercial work and some commissioned research NEODAAS may be obliged to pass on specific costs to users.

You may find it helpful to read a previous successful application: sample 1 or sample 2 (PDF format) & the NEODAAS Product Guide.

Application Form

Please direct any enquiries to NEODAAS support.

Compulsory inputs are denoted with a red bar, which turns green when the input is valid. This form requires JavaScript to work.

Principal investigator

NERC rules require PhD students to ask their supervisor to act as PI.


Data Requirements

Please select your product(s) of interest, hover over an item for a description or see our product guide for more information. You may add multiple product types by clicking the 'Add product' button below:

Sensor (optional):

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Data format:

Add any comments & further information relevant to each product in its respective textbox below:

Project Details

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On submission, you'll be redirected & we'll send a confirmation email to the principal investigator. If you get an error message (submission can take a while) or don't receive this email, please get get in contact with us.

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