Data access

Open access

Allows you to see a selection of the data sets held by NEODAAS. You can view example full resolution geophysical product data for the south west region. Alternatively, you can view example top-of-atmosphere data over the UK.

Free access (requires simple registration)

Low resolution access to data archive which requires a simple web registration. This option is available to anyone. It is very quick and easy to register and you will receive an automatic email containing your login and password within a few minutes. This will provide you with access to all of our online quicklooks and thumbnails through our data portal. So, to apply for low resolution access, simply fill in the online low resolution web access form.


High resolution access to all services which is available for any UK scientist or research group whose work is eligible for NERC funding (see This includes all UK-based academics and PhD students at recognised research organisations. This will provide you with access to all full resolution data through our data portal and you will be able to submit requests for processing data. So, to apply for full access, simply download and complete the NEODAAS full access application form. If you have specific requirements or are not eligible for free access please contact us.

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