The NEODAAS offers a range of services including:

Data reception and archiving. NEODAAS has the capability to receive data directly from a selection of polar-orbiting and geo-stationary satellites. The service also downloads global data directly from various agencies (including NASA, NOAA and ESA) via the internet and the ESA DDS system. The NEODAAS satellite receiving station has a polar-orbiting geographical coverage that stretches from north Africa to the North Pole and from northern Europe to the Labrador coast, Canada. Re-broadcast techniques allow NEODAAS to have global geostationary geographical coverage. All received data are automatically archived.

Near-real time and archive scientific processing. The data that we receive are automatically processed into scientific products, archived and made available to researchers. These systems run 24 hours a day and the most recently processed data are available for view over the web within 2 hours of reception at Dundee or about 7 hours for global data. Data from the AVHRR, SeaWiFS, MODIS and MERIS archives can be re-processed on request. See also Dundee Satellite Receiving Station.

Data dissemination. All the near-real time processed data are automatically made available via the web and the NEODAAS data portal provides a window onto various data visualisation tools. Data can be provided via e-mail in support of marine research cruises and via ftp for observatories. Applications of data dissemination have included the monitoring of volcanic activity and water quality. Access to our data dissemination tools can be found on Our data page.

Guidance and advice. NEODAAS can provide guidance and advice for selecting and interpreting Earth observation datasets. NEODAAS also specialises in providing guidance for marine research cruises and aircraft campaigns. The near-real time data processing capability allows NEODAAS to send up to date data, guidance and advice direct to scientists in the field, enabling them to plan their research campaign in real-time. Contact NEODAAS for further information.

Data analysis. NEODAAS can process small or large datasets for specific studies. The service can implement specific algorithms or investigate new sources of data. Finally, NEODAAS can extract data from time series based on multiple points, transects, or spatial areas. Examples of data analysis can be found on Our impact page.

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