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We work actively to support our users and are always keen to hear comments from recipients of our service. Below are some of our recent users feedback about our service.

Deck of the RRS Discovery

Firstly MANY THANKS to yourself and all others in the NEODAAS team who have provided near-real-time cruise coverage for the SSB programme, both last year and this year. The dedication in providing daily coverage, and ongoing advice on image coverage and quality, for all of the cruises was truly impressive. I'm aware that the near-real-time information proved extremely valuable in identifying spatial patterns and tracking changes, at all times of year.

Dr. Phil Williamson, UEA, Shelf Seas Biogeochemistry programme coordinator

This is fantastic!!! Many thanks for providing the sample data. I can read the netcdf files no problem and construct the anomalies. You've created a very nice, easy to use dataset that I will be able to easily share with the rest of the science team while at sea.

Dr Stefan Gary, SAMS, Extended Ellett Line

Deployment of a seaglider from the Corystes (GHRU)

NEODAAS was giving me amazing support for a month long project that will play a crucial part in my postgraduate studies at SAMS. During a combined cruise and sea glider mission on the North Irish and West Scottish shelf sea NEODAAS was providing me with daily satellite images for different phytoplankton and ocean physics data. Only with this help we were able to identify interesting biological features on the open water, which were then successfully recorded by the sea glider. I was very impressed with the fantastic communication and very quick and efficient response time, during the whole length of the project and especially during my time on sea.

I was very happy with the support and the products and I am very happy to say that the mission was successful. We could Identify a high Chlorophyll area between Ireland and Islay which we recorded with the glider. I just checked the glider data and the increase in Chlorophyll is clearly visible, which is very exciting.

Beatrix Siemering, Seaglider Deployment Cruise Satellite Data

SST imagery of northern spain and the Bay of Biscay

The data was brilliant in helping us to validate our model and the help that accompanied it was sublime! This service has been seamless and you responded to all my queries extremely speedily which was extremely helpful.

Ashley Brereton, NOCL, Coupled atmospheric-ocean modelling

RGB image of the 2010 Eyjafjallajokull eruption

I just wanted to let you know that the images (NOAA AVHRR and MODIS) have been extremely useful to us whilst monitoring the eruption in Iceland from late August onwards. We have been able to map the active part of the lava very regularly.

Dr. Ingibjörg Jónsdóttir, Institute of Earth Sciences, University of Iceland

Seawifs chlor_a image of the UK from 2004

I am very happy to report that we have just received over 15,000 Level-1 SeaWiFS HRPT files from the Dundee Satellite Receiving Station and Naval Research Laboratory, Stennis Space Center which have been ingested and processed and are now being added to the existing archive for distribution to the ocean color community. I would very much like to thank these two organizations for their generosity in opening up their archives and providing us with these previously unavailable data sets.

Dr. Gene Feldman, Ocean Biology Processing Group, NASA/GSFC

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