Greenland Flow Distortion Experiment (GFDex)

Greenland has a major influence on the atmospheric circulation of the North Atlantic-Western Europe region which dictates and influences weather systems locally and downstream over Europe.

The Greenland Flow Distortion experiment (GFDex) is an international fieldwork and modelling-based project to investigate the role Greenland plays in distorting atmospheric flow over and around it, affecting local and remote weather systems and, via air-sea interaction processes, the coupled climate system. GFDex is an International Polar Year approved project which is partly NERC funded and comprises a science team from the UK, Canada, Norway, Iceland and the USA. High resolution satellite imagery provided by NEODAAS data will be invaluable in analysing past and future case studies of high-impact weather around Greenland. In addition, a near-real time high resolution image service was provided by NEODAAS to support a field campaign in Feb/Mar 2007, when the NERC/Met Office FAAM aircraft made observations.

The Greenland Lee Cyclone

Image from the GFDex field study showing The Greenland Lee Cyclone, 03-Mar-07 at 1343 UTC.

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