UK Surface Ocean - Lower Atmosphere Study (UK SOLAS)

The UK SOLAS programme is studying interactions between the atmosphere and oceans, focusing on chemical exchanges that affect marine productivity, atmospheric composition, and climate. This research will improve our ability to predict climate change, giving insights into the natural marine production and fate of important trace gases. The programme is the main British contribution to the International SOLAS project.

NEODAAS has supported four UK SOLAS research cruises and an aircraft campaign investigating atmospheric dust and air-sea gas exchange. Near-real time satellite data were processed using the PML Remote Sensing Group systems; these were then provided to the scientists in the field to aid the planning of their research campaigns. These data were provided as one of the services of the NEODAAS. Model data were also provided using products provided by the National Centre for Ocean Forecasting (NCOF). Example data included estimates of sea surface temperature, top-of-atmosphere true colour images, estimates of chlorophyll-a, aerosol optical thickness and modelled mixed layer depth. NEODAAS is continuing its UK-SOLAS support during 2008. Figure 1 shows example data over northern Africa and the north Atlantic.

L1G Composite Chlorophyll-aqua composite
(a) Top-of-atmosphere composite (b) Chlorophyll-aqua composite

Figure 1. Example data, processed in near-real time and used in the support of the UK SOLAS research campaigns a) MODIS top-of-atmosphere daily composite over north Africa showing airborne dust and b) estimates of chlorophyll-a.

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