The Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) Earth Observation Data Acquisition and Analysis Service (NEODAAS) is funded by NERC to support UK research scientists with remote sensing data and information. We have the capability to automatically receive, archive, process and map global data from multiple polar-orbiting sensors in near-real time, including MERIS, MODIS, SeaWiFS and AVHRR, allowing the support of global studies. We also receive and process data from multiple geostationary satellites including SEVIRI, VISSR, GOES and MTSAT. To see how we can support your research, please take a look at our services and also the science that we are currently supporting. To begin accessing these services please have a look at the data access page.

This service is hosted at 2 sites: data processing is provided by the Remote Sensing Group at the Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML); data reception and acquisition is provided by the Dundee Satellite Receiving Station at the University of Dundee (UoD).

For more information see the PDF NEODAAS leaflet. (PDF 800KB) For a more detailed overview of NEODAAS's history and services, please read this recent publication (PDF 600KB). Here you can also download the most recent NEODAAS PDFAnnual Report and PDF Annexes (PDF).

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Example NEODAAS products and data illustrating the range of sensors that we are able to to both receive and process data from.

The NEODAAS dish webcam   The PML rooftop webcam

Dundee webcam       Plymouth webcam