Photo of Peter Walker

Peter Walker

Research Software Engineer


Pete is involved in the systems and technology side of NEODAAS, managing the storage of NEODAAS data and its dissemination. He also specifies and purchases the systems NEODAAS uses for processing and storage.


Pete has a BSc in Mathematical Sciences. He has more than 25 years software development experience including relational database systems with GIS enabled databases such as PostGIS and has been working with OGC Web Services for 10 years.

Photo of Steve Groom

Prof Steve Groom

Head of Service
Photo of Katie Awty-Carroll

Katie Awty-Carroll

Data Scientist
Photo of Heather  Baxter

Dr Heather Baxter

Project Manager
Photo of Lauren Biermann

Dr Lauren Biermann

Research Scientist
Photo of Ruth Calder-Potts

Dr Ruth Calder-Potts

Project Manager (currently on maternity leave)
Photo of Dan Clewley

Dr Dan Clewley

Photo of James Dingle

James Dingle

Research Software Engineer
Photo of William Jay

William Jay

Research Scientist
Photo of Aser Mata

Aser Mata

Research Scientist
Photo of Peter Miller

Dr Peter Miller

Senior Research Scientist
Photo of David Moffat

Dr David Moffat

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Data Scientist
Photo of Silvia Pardo

Silvia Pardo

Research Scientist
Photo of Nick Selmes

Dr Nick Selmes

Research Scientist
Photo of Emma Sullivan

Emma Sullivan

Research Scientist
Photo of Mark Warren

Dr Mark Warren

Research Software Engineer